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Directory of AABP Members

Members listing in this directory have met high standards of proficiency and have sworn an oath to conduct themselves in accordance with a set of strong ethics principles and guidelines. They are dedicated to animal-friendly methods and a behaviorological approach. To confirm the criteria met by a member for membership, see the membership page. To view the professional practice guidelines that members operate in accordance with see the guidelines and our mechanism for enforcing it. AABP licenses the use of this web site and this directory in particular only in accordance with the terms of use. Credentials listed after member names have been verified.

727 members

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Australian Capital Territory

Faragher, Andina: Ph.D. CDT, Dip.ACBS

AABP Certified Member #292 (exp. Advisory Board Member)

AABP Certified Dog Trainer

Address: GPO Box 868, Canberra ACT 2601, Australia

New South Wales

Adams, Julie CDT

AABP Certified Member #263 (exp. n/a)

AABP Certified Dog Trainer

Member APDT  #1045 

Business Name: dogLOGIC Dog Training

Address: 23 Jubilee St, Lewisham, NSW 2049, Australia

Phone: +612 9560 1808



Geographical Area Serving:  (all areas), 

Services: Private Behavioural Consults and group courses including , Pet Dog Manners Classes and Advanced Pet Dog Courses. Our training methods are positive, reward-based and most of all fun for both dogs and their humans.  We specialize in personalized service and we pride ourselves on our honesty, integrity and our ability to work with the client to achieve positive, sustainable results! We discuss the client’s individual needs and requirements and customise a program that addresses their specific training goals and fits in with their lifestyle… in order to achieve the outcome they desire. Our classes are fun, interactive and challenging!

Carroll, Sharon, BAS, MAS, CDBC

AABP General Member #720 (n/a) Pending

Collins, Christine

AABP General Member #578 (exp. n/a)

Edwards, Tanya

AABP General Member #668 (exp. November 26, 2019) Pending

Getmanov, Christine, Cert.IV

AABP Certified Member #721 (exp. n/a)

Hone, Domineque

AABP General Member #491 (exp. October 21, 2019)

Jennings, Catherine, Cert. IV

AABP General Member #706 (exp. November 17, 2019)

Metherell, Eileen

AABP General Member #095 (exp. November 12, 2019)

Price, Ashleigh Cheryl

AABP General Member #714 (exp. CASI Student Membership)

Sandstrom, Jessica, Dip.CBST

AABP General Member #678 (exp. October 4, 2019)

Sclanders, Rhonda

AABP General Member #631 (exp. December 27, 2019)

Tasker, Anna Catherine

AABP General Member #630 (exp. December 8, 2019)

Thorpe, Trudi AABP-CDT

AABP Certified Member #119 (exp. September 8, 2019)

AABP Certified Dog Trainer

Business Name: dogLOGIC dog training

Address: 80 Station Street, Tempe NSW 2044 Australia

Phone: (02) 9591 1886



Geographical Area Serving:  SYDNEY. AUSTRALIA

Services: Puppy Pre-school, Pet Dog Manners Classes, Advance Pet dog Courses, Private Consultations. At dogLOGIC, we only use training methods that are positive, fun and reward-based for both dogs and their humans. We talk to you about exactly what you want from the training program and develop an understanding of your dog, it's special requirements, and consider any relevant history that might affect training. We teach you how to implement the training methods. They're never hard but it's much better if someone shows you how! And develop a unique program targeting the specific problem, tailored to fit with your lifestyle and that, most importantly delivers results! What sets us apart from the rest is that we work with you and your dog on an individual basis and customise a program that works specifically for you. Every dog and their owner is unique, with individual needs and special requirements.

Watson, John CDBT, CDT, Cert IV

AABP Certified Member #188 (exp. July 26, 2019)

AABP Certified Dog Trainer

AABP Certified Dog Behavior Technologist

Delta Accredited Cert IV Companion Animal Services

Member APDT (Australia)

Business Name:  What A Dog Needs

Address:  PO Box 53, St Pauls NSW 2031, Australia

Telephone:  +61 414 650 505



Geographical Area Serving: Eastern Suburbs, Inner City, Inner West, Lower North Shore (Sydney, NSW, Australia)

Services:  Private one-on-one behavioural consultations in your home for puppies and dogs, all breeds welcome. Behavioural consultations for kittens and cats. Senior pet advice. Tailored to meet the specific needs of you and your animal. Member of the Delta Institute and the APDT.

Watson, Natalie CDBT, CDT, Cert IV

AABP Certified Member #169 (exp. July 26, 2019)

AABP Certified Dog Trainer

AABP Certified Dog Behavior Technologist

Delta Accredited Cert IV Companion Animal Services

Member APDT (Australia)

Business Name: What A Dog Needs

Address: PO Box 53, St Pauls  NSW  2031, Australia

Telephone: +61 414 650 505



Geographical Area Serving:  Eastern Suburbs, Inner City, Inner West, Lower North Shore (Sydney, NSW, Australia)

Services:  Private one-on-one behavioural consultations in your home for puppies and dogs, all breeds welcome. Behavioural consultations for kittens and cats. Senior pet advice. Tailored to meet the specific needs of you and your animal. Member of the Delta Institute and the APDT.


Fitzgerald, Troy

AABP General Member #523 (exp. November 11, 2019)

O’Dwyer, Marilla

AABP General Member #641 (exp. Student Membership)

ONeil, Christopher, Dip.FBST

AABP General Member #713 (exp. n/a)

Paull, Hilary

AABP General Member #665 (exp. Student Membership)

Taber, Rosalynd

AABP General Member #427 (exp. July 2, 2019)

Tarrant, Hayley

AABP General Member #661 (exp. November 15, 2019) Pending

South Australia

Clark, Bev  CDT

AABP Certified Member #244 (exp. AABP Advisory Board Member)

AABP Certified Dog Trainer

President Canine Behavioural School Inc

Business Name: Instructor Adelaide Pet Dog training

Address: c/ 389 King William Street Adelaide SA 5000

Phone: 08 82121322

Web Site:


Geographical Area Serving: Adelaide, inner Adelaide metropolitan area, South Australia

Services: Group classes, puppy pre-school,in home training.

Edwards, Petra

AABP General Member #513 (exp. June 17, 2019)

Millikan, Debra Dip.ABST, Dip.DTBC, CABT, CDBT, CDT, Cert IV, Dog Behavioural Trainer, CAP1, CAP2

AABP Certified Member #026 (Exp. Advisory Board Member)

AABP Certified Animal Behavior Technologist

AABP Certified Dog Behavior Technologist

AABP Certified Dog Trainer

Board & Steering Committee Member, Pet Professional Guild

Accredited Pet Dog Ambassador Instructor/Assessor

Member APDT Australia #701

Business Name: Canine Behavioural School Inc

Address: Cnr Portrush Road & Devitt Avenue, Trinity Gardens, South Australia

Phone: +61 8 8431 9134 Skype +61 8 8431 9134


Websites:  /  

Geographical Area Serving: Inner Adelaide Suburbs, Eastern and North Eastern Suburbs of Adelaide. South Australia

Services:  Group classes, public education programs for pet dog guardians, clicker training workshops, cross-over workshops dog clubs wishing to change to force-free training

Oakley, Diane

AABP General Member #275 (exp. n/a)

Schou-Hansen, Bodil AABP-CDT

AABP Certified Member #187 (exp. June 13, 2019)

AABP Certified Dog Trainer

Business Name: Adelaide Pet Dog Training

Address: Post Office Box 523 Fullarton South Australia 5063

Phone: 61 8 8272 0018 or 61 40999 1530

Web Site:

Email: or

Geographical Area Serving: Adelaide. South Australia

Services: puppy pre-school, small group classes, private consultations and in-home behavioural consultations. Our mission: To work with you and your pet dog/s to endeavour to understand your needs and to identify which of our programs and services will: help to build and reinforce positive and consistent behaviours in your pet dog in all social situations;  help to arm you with the knowledge and skills you require to build a strong belief in yourself as a  responsible pet dog owner; and help to provide a foundation of trust and respect resulting in a closer human animal bond.


Fountain, Jade

AABP General Member #502 (exp. Feb. 18, 2020)


Kemp, Kathleen

AABP General Member #514 (exp. July 22, 2019)

Mornement, Kate

AABP General Member #485 (exp. September 12, 2019)

Poulter, Leonie

AABP General Member #595 (exp. May 28, 2019) Pending

Thomas, Catherine

AABP General Member #667 (exp. CASI Student Membership)

van Heesbeen, Hans

AABP General Member #134 (exp. n/a)

Wilcox, Jennifer CDT

AABP Certified Member #194 (exp. July 30, 2019)

AABP Certified Dog Trainer

Business Name: Paw Behaviour Dog Training

Address: PO Box 504, Patterson Lakes 3197, Victoria, Australia

Phone: 61 3 9776 1571 or 0414 637 568

Web Site:


Geographical Area Serving: South East Melbourne, Carrum, Frankston, Mornington Peninsula. Australia

Services: Delta Canine Good Citizen Trainer, Puppy School, Group Classes, Clicker Training, TV & Film Training, Home Visits, Private Lessons, Community Education, Pre-Purchase Education

Western Australia

Bevan, Sonya, Dip.CBST, B.Sc. (Physiotherapy)

AABP General Member #439 (exp. October 21, 2019)

Brown, Kelly

AABP General Member #683 (exp. n/a)

Gaskell, Teresa "Tessa" BC, Cert IV, CDBC, CDT Dip.DT

AABP Certified Member #129 (exp. n/a)

AABP Certified Dog Trainer

AABP Certified Dog Behavior Technologist

Delta accredited Certificate IV CGC Behavioural Dog Trainer

Member, Australian Veterinary Behaviour Interest Group (AVBIG #17962)

APDTAustralia member #387

Business Name: Tessa Gaskell

Address: P.O.Box 171, Dunsborough Western Australia 6281

Phone: 08 97 551153

Web Site: N/A


Geographical Area Serving: South western area of Western Australia

Services: Behavioural pet dog training (in small groups or private lessons) and puppy pre school classes at Dunsborough Veterinary clinic.

Hemming, Rachel

AABP Certified Member #638 (exp. CASI Student Membership)

Honeyman, Janice

AABP General Member #652 (exp. June 18, 2019)

Liebgen, Janina

AABP General Member #662 (exp. CASI Student Membership) Pending

Lynam, Lesley

AABP General Member #289 (exp. November 6, 2019)

O’Brien, Michele

AABP General Member #553 (exp. n/a)

Yates, Lisa

AABP General Member #642 (exp. Student Membership) Pending


Cogen, Kelly

AABP General Member #670 (exp. Student Membership)

Pawels, Inge

AABP General Member #626 (exp. November 1, 2019)



Bricker, Angela

AABP General Member #691 (exp. n/a) Pending

Harder, Allyson

AABP General Member #579 (exp. n/a) Pending

Lott, April

AABP General Member #702 (exp. September 27, 2019)


AABP General Member #705 (exp. November 15, 2019)

British Columbia

Atterby, Michelle

AABP General Member #669 (exp. n/a) Pending

Bowers, Jane B.A. (Psychology) CDT, CDBT CPDT-KA, DiVet Hom (Veterinary Homeopathy)

AABP Certified Member #124 (exp. n/a)

AABP Certified Dog Behavior Technologist

AABP Certified Dog Trainer

IAABC Certified Cat Behavior Consultant

IAABC Certified Dog Behavior Consultant

Evaluator for CKC Canine Good Neighbor program.

Founder and President of Renaissance Animal Rescue Society

Business Name: Dogs of Distinction Canine Training Inc.

Address: Box 773, Sechelt, BC V0N 2W0

Phone/fax:  604-989-3647 

Web Sites:

Geographical area serving: Lower mainland and Sunshine Coast of BC. Canada.

Services: We offer all-breed pet dog training classes, tracking and search classes, clicker classes, classes for reactive dogs and trick training. Private consults available for both dog and cat behavioral issues (including but not limited to dog to dog reactivity; dog-human issues; separation distress, cat behavioral issues and more) and private training.

Bruun, Maren

AABP General Member #684 (exp. n/a)

Chalifoux, Monique

AABP General Member #692 (exp. CASI Student)

Kidder, Janet

AABP General Member #672 (exp. CASI Student)

Korobanik, Shelly

AABP General Member #637 (exp. November 30, 2019)

Howland, Ulla Karin, Cert.CBST

AABP General Member #474 (exp. May 29, 2019)

IAABC Associate Certified Dog Behaviour Consultant

Guild Certified Tellington TTouch Practitioner 1

Pet Professional Guild Full Member Dog Training Professional #7096090


APDT Professional Member #75105

Web site:


Shuter, Maggie

AABP General Member #604 (exp. January 21, 2020)

New Brunswich

Moffat, Morgan

AABP General Member #727 (exp. Student Membership) Pending


Bejarano, Dayana, Dip.CBST

AABP General Member #725 (exp. n/a)

Kerester, Jamie

AABP General Member #685 (exp. Student Membership) Pending

Koczerzuk, Sylvia

AABP General Member #697 (exp. September 1, 2019)

Gasparovic, Mallory

AABP General Member #689 (exp. CASI Student)

MacGregor, Jessica ACDBC, CPDT-KA

AABP General Member #674 (exp. Jan 24, 2020)

Mayville, Jayden Dip.CBST

AABP General Member #696 (exp. August 28, 2019)

McCarvill, Colleen

AABP General Member #711 (exp. January 15, 2020) Pending

Morrison, Pam

AABP General Member #666 (exp. Student Membership) Pending

O’Heare, James, DLBC


AABP General Member #1

O’Neill, Jessica, Dip.CBST

AABP General Member #616 (exp. July 17, 2019)

Pellegrino, Maria

AABP General Member #693 (exp. June 21, 2019)

Prinold, Helen

AABP General Member #620 (exp. September 5, 2019)

Roberts, Sam

AABP General Member #686 (exp. Student Membership)

Smith, Christina

AABP General Member #619 (exp. CASI Student)

Weiss, Judy

AABP General Member #675 (exp. CASI Student)


Vaughn, Nicole

AABP General Member #596 (exp. CASI Student) Pending


Hvidemose, Bettina

AABP General Member #682 (exp. February 19, 2020)


Clonts, Ashley

AABP General Member #717 (exp. CASI student membership)

Junk, Christian

AABP General Member #699 (exp. CASI student membership)

Tappe, Sarah, Dip.CBST

AABP General Member #614 (exp. June 4, 2019)


Portilla, Gabriela

AABP General Member #492 (exp. November 7, 2019)


Stevenson, Rosemarie

AABP General Member #709 (exp. CASI student membership) Pending

New Zealand

Kiernan, Debra

AABP General Member #144 (exp. n/a)

McEntee, Laurin Kelly

AABP General Member #707 (exp. CASI Student Membership)


Margarida da Silva marques, Joana

AABP General Member #634 (exp. CASI Student)

South Africa


Roldan Pérez, Rosa

AABP General Member #658 (exp. Sep. 14, 2019)


Frykberg, Sara

AABP General Member #722 (exp. n/a)


Su, Jill

AABP General Member #651 (exp. CASI Student Membership)

United Kingdom

Bondarenko, Nina, B.A.

B.A. Humanities

AABP General Member #541 (exp. June 2, 2019)

Dillon, Kirsten

AABP General Member #645 (exp. n/a)

Hart, Dean

AABP General Member #547 (exp. n/a)

Hope, Anita

AABP General Member #563 (exp. n/a)

Husein, Carole CDT

AABP Certified Member #189 (exp. n/a)

AABP Certified Dog Trainer

Business Name: School for Dogs

Address: 11 Brynymor, Burry Port, Carmarthenshire, Wales, SA16 0LA

Phone: Cyprus 07944044155


Geographical Area Serving: Carmarthenshire, South Wales



Deutscher, Barbara Bingham, CPBT-KA

AABP General Member #527 (exp. December 14, 2019)

IATCB Certified  Professional Bird Trainer - Knowledge Assessment

Kuita, Jujuolui

AABP General Member #580 (exp. CASI Student)


Gilbreth, Mary

AABP General Member #196 (exp. September 18, 2019)


Anderson, Toby

AABP General Member #504 (exp. n/a) Pending*

Bond, Christina CDT, BSc (Math and Computing), MSc (Technology Management), CAP2, CAP3

AABP Certified Member #074 (exp. Nov. 14, 2019)

AABP Certified Dog Trainer

Business Name: CLASS (Canine Learning and Sports Skills)



Web Site:  n/a


Geographical Area Serving: San Francisco East Bay Area. USA

Services: Online training instructor (no behavior consultations taken).

Daul, Margaret, M.A. (Creative Arts Therapy), ADBC, CPDT-KSA, KPA CTP

AABP Certified Member #559 (exp. n/a)

Davis, Barbara CDT, CDBT

AABP Certified Member #053 (exp. Advisory Board Member)

AABP Certified Dog Trainer

AABP Certified Dog Behavior Technologist

Business Name: BADDogsInc Family Dog Training & Behavior

Address: PO Box 78063, Corona, CA 92877-0135

Phone: 866-LUVADOG

Web Site:


Geographical Area Serving: Riverside, San Bernardino and eastern Orange Counties, CA. USA

Services: Specializing in the family pet practice, customized programs to help pet dog families reach their goals and have the pet they've always wanted. Behavior-based training solutions to help you teach you pet dog how you'd like him to behave. Behavior modification consultations and plans available for all dogs, all breeds, all problems, including aggression, anxiety, fear, shyness, biting, destructiveness and many others. Specializing in rescue dog rehab, breed/dog selection and problem solving. Workshops and seminars available on request Group manners classes and puppy socialization programs available.

Donaldson, Jean CDT, CDBT

AABP Certified Member #004 (exp. Honorary Lifetime Member)

AABP Certified Dog Behavior Technologist

AABP Certified Dog Trainer

Business Name: The Academy for Dog Trainers

Address: PO Box 8655 Emeryville CA 94662

Phone: 510-655-5760

Web Site:


Geographical Area Serving: The San Francisco Bay Area. USA

Services: 6-Week Full-Time course for aspiring pet dog trainers, cont-ed seminars, workshops, lectures

Frensley, Nancy

AABP General Member #344 (exp. December 27, 2019)

Hartstein, Russell, CDBC, CPDT-KA

AABP General Member #556 (exp. January 2, 2020)

IAABC Certified Dog Behavior Consultant

Hasani, Mirian

AABP General Member #596 (exp. September 28, 2019)

Heath, Lisa A.

AABP General Member #622 (exp. October 7, 2019)

Keel, Mashelle “Shelly” CDT

AABP Certified Member #364 (exp. n/a) 

AABP Certified Dog Trainer

Business Name: A Good Dog Day, LLC

Address: 13699 Endicot Circle, Magalia, Ca 95954

Phone: (530) 459-8767 / (707) 969-2344

Web Site:


Geographical Area Serving: Butte, Yuba & Sutter Counties in addition to the Sacramento Valley and SF Bay Area

Services: Puppy Primer (getting ready for a new puppy, first days at home and socialization), Boarding School (In home Board and Train for puppies as well as older dogs), Private Tutoring (Trainer trains dogs and meets with family to execute handoff sessions for dogs new skills), Home School Coaching (For families who want to be more personally involved in training), Basic Obedience, Tricks, Behavior Modification and Behavior Consultations

Krieger, Marilyn, CCBT

AABP Certified Member #270 (exp. December 5, 2019)

AABP Certified Cat Behavior Technologist

Business Name: The Cat Coach, LLC

Address:  1017 El Camino Real #283 Redwood City, CA 94063

Phone: 650 780 9485

Web Site:


Geographical Area Serving: United States, Canada, International (Skype)

Services:  Marilyn helps solve cat behavior challenges through on-site, Skype and phone consultations. Her methods are based on positive, humane techniques, education and environmental management. Marilyn is the author of Naughty No More! Change Unwanted Behaviors through Positive Reinforcement and writes behavior columns for Cat Fancy Magazine and Catster. She also offers classes and presentations on cat behavior.

MacKnight, Kamrin, Ph.D.

AABP General Member #565 (exp. Journal Editor)

Villagrana, Christina

AABP Certified Member #698 (exp. September 9, 2019)

Wilde, Nicole CDT, CDBT

AABP Certified Member #009 (exp. AABP Advisory Board Member)

AABP Certified Dog Trainer

AABP Certified Dog Behavior Technologist

Business Name: Gentle Guidance Dog Training

Address: P.O. Box 2814

Phone: 661-299-5704

Geographical Area Serving: Southern California

Web Site:



Caroll, Grace

AABP General Member #701 (exp. September 25, 2019) Pending

Gan, Kevin

AABP General Member #649 (exp. CASI Student Membership) Pending

Summers, Jodi

AABP General Member #710 (exp. CASI Student Membership)

Thomas, Teri

AABP General Member #179 (exp. July 25, 2019)



Olcina, Josefina M.

AABP General Member #716 (exp. CASI Student Membership)


Maimoni, Shay

AABP General Member #555 (exp. November 30, 2019)

Munera, Jacqueline CDT, CCBT

AABP Certified Member #059 (exp. CASI Faculty)

AABP Certified Dog Trainer

AABP Certified Cat Behavior Technologist 

Companion Animal Sciences Institute Co-Instructor Cat Behavior

Business Name: Positive Cattitudes

Phone:  813-760-9541

Web Sites:

Geographical area serving: Worldwide educational services through phone, e mail and internet. Local services in Tampa Bay, Florida, USA

Services: National and international presenter on a variety of cat and dog training and behavior topics. Writes cat and dog related articles for various media. Assists in design and implementation of cat behavior and training programs for shelter and rescue groups. Consultations regarding domestic cats and human relations for media and marketing research firms. 

Offers clicker cat training classes and individual sessions for cats and dogs. Private consults for cat and dog behavior modification, aggression, problem solving, therapy animal training, environmental and mental enrichment, litterbox challenges, and more!

Riesgo, Cindy

AABP General Member #712 (exp. January, 2020)

Ryan, Michele

AABP General Member #358 (exp. n/a)

Angelica Steinker, M.Ed., PCBC-A, AABP-DBCT, CDBC, CAP2

AABP Certified Member #704 (exp.Ocober 18, 2019)

AABP Certified Dog Behavior Consultant


Business Name: Courteous Canine, Inc.

Address: 3414 Melissa Country Way, Lutz, FL 33559, USA

Telephone: 011-813-949-1465



Geographical Area Serving:  Tampa Bay Area, Florida, USA

Services:  Behavior consulting in home, at our main campus, a wide array of private and group training services. Dog sports including agility, dock jumping and lure coursing. Dog day care, boarding and pet sitting.

Tracy, Kathy

AABP General Member #673 (exp. September 6, 2019)

Tudge, Niki, Dip.ABT, Dip.CBST, CDT, CDBT

AABP Certified Member #298 (exp. January 21, 2020)

AABP Certified Dog Trainer

AABP Certified Dog Behavior Technologist

Business Name: The DogSmith

Address: 9152 Kenton Road, Wesley Chapel, FL 33545

Phone: 888-Dog-Smith, 364 -7648



Geographical area: Tampa, FL

Services: DogSmith Puppy Classes, Teen Etiquette Classes, Pet Dog Obedience Classes. Agility Classes, Rally Classes, Flyball Classes, Dock-Diving Classes. Clicker Training Classes, Clicks for Tricks. We also offer a selection of 1 and 2 day Dog Training Seminars.  Rescue Resource  Packages for Non-profit rescue groups free of charge.

Wood, Barbara Dip.CBST

AABP Certified Member #700 (exp. September 20, 2019)


Minkin, Meredith

AABP General Member #654 (exp. June 21, 2019) Pending


Varner, Jodie

AABP General Member #694 (exp. July 25, 2019)


Archer-Dick, Judith, CDT

AABP Certified Member #267 (exp. November 29, 2019)

AABP Certified Dog Trainer

Business Name:  My Best Friend Dog Training

Address: 18124 Bull Rapids Rd., Spencerville, IN  46788

Phone: 260-238-3073

Web Site:


Geographical Area Serving:  Fort Wayne/Allen County, Indiana & surrounding counties

Services:  Our goal is to help owners learn three things:  how to teach their dogs desired behaviors; how to communicate clearly and consistently through signals, cues, and awareness of our own behavior, so the dog will do what we ask when requested; and management techniques to avoid undesirable behaviors while the dog is learning.  When these three things can be accomplished, it is possible to have a great relationship with our dogs, with minimal conflict and maximum communication, trust and fun!  We offer a variety of classes including Puppy I & II, Dog I & II, C.G.C., Therapy Dog, Rally Obedience, Tracking, and Pet Dog Agility as well as private training and behavioral consulting.

Bassett, Molly

AABP General Member #657 (exp. August 15, 2019)


Bright, Sara

AABP General Member #681 (exp. February 14, 2020)

Colby, Penny

AABP General Member #446 (exp. December 1, 2019)


Goldsmith, Elizabeth

AABP General Member #650 (exp. n/a)


Yasi, Jenny

AABP General Member #687 (exp. n/a) Pending


Miller, Pat, CDBT, CBCC-KA

AABP Certified Member #012 (exp. Honorary Lifetime Member)

AABP Certified Dog Behavior Consultant

Business Name: Peaceable Paws LLC

Address: 171816 Spielman Rd. Fairplay, MD, 21733 USA

Phone: 301-582-9420

Web Site:


Geographical Area Serving: Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, Pennsylvania and Washington DC. USA

Services: Basic good manners/clicker training; behavior modification including aggression; 2 and 3-day on-site workshops; 6-day on-site trainer academies; apprentice program; private intern program; seminars around the world. Books: 1.) The Power of Positive Dog Training; 2.) Positive Perspectives; Love Your Dog, Train Your Dog; 3.) Positive Perspectives 2; Know Your Dog, Train Your Dog; 4.) Play With Your Dog; 5.) Do-Over Dogs; Give Your Dog a Second Chance for a First-Class Life; 6.) How to Foster Dogs; From Homeless to Homeward Bound; 7.) Beware of the Dog; Positive Solutions for Aggression in Dogs. Also - Peaceable Paws Good Manners Class Manual. Booklets: 1.) Puppy Primer; 2.) Dogs Being Dogs; 3.) Dealing With Digging, Barking and Chewing; 4.) Reality Bites; Managing and Modifying Canine Aggression; 5.) It's Okay to Cry; Pet Loss and Grief. DVDs: 1.) Real Solutions to Canine Behavior Problems (2-day Pat Miller seminar, 5 discs); 2.) Juni's C.A.T. Procedure; 2.) Basic Good Manners Class at Peaceable Paws.

Winkler, Debbie

AABP General Member #534 (exp. n/a)


Dion, Tracy

AABP General Member #610 (exp. n/a)

Fortin, Jennifer

AABP General Member #679 (exp. January 30, 2020)

Jacques, Jo CDT, CDBT

AABP Certified Member #024 (exp. Advisory Board Member)

AABP Certified Dog Trainer

AABP Certified Dog Behavior Technologist

Business Name: WiggleBums! Dog-Friendly Training & Behavior

Address: 3 Skerry Street, Salem, MA 01970

Phone: 978-771-4962

Web Site:


Geographical Area Serving: Massachusetts' North Shore. USA

Services: Clicker Training for dogs, cats and small pets, Behavior Consulting, CGC/TDI Training, Puppy Choice, Specialty Training Workshops, Assistance Training, Behavior/Training Evaluations

Lessa, Erika Dip.CBST, CDBT, CDBC, CPDT-KA

AABP Certified Member #724 (exp. n/a)

AABP Certified Dog Behavior Technologist

Business Name: Cooperation Canine, llc

Address: 150 Rocky Hill Rd, Rehoboth, MA 02769

Phone: 401-226-8989



Geographical Area Serving: MA, RI, CT - USA, Virtual consults are available

Stevenson, Alana. CDBT

AABP Certified Member #086 (exp. November 7, 2019)

AABP Certified Dog Behavior Technologist

Dog and Cat Behavior Specialist, Dog Trainer

Author of Train Your Dog The Humane Way

Business Name: Alana Stevenson

Address: Boston, MA

Phone: 617-921-1224



Geographical Area Serving: Eastern Massachusetts, New England.

Services: Positive dog training lessons using only humane techniques. Behavioral consultations for both dogs and cats. Consultations are available in-home and by phone. Group classes and workshops.

Author of: The Right Way the First Time

Tobin, Chris

AABP General Member #655 (exp. Student Membership)


Crenshaw, Tammy

AABP General Member #501 (exp. Feb. 22, 2019)

Drescosky, Sharon

AABP General Member #454 (exp. n/a)

Beth Duman, BA, Dip.CBST, CDT, CPDT, VSPDT

AABP Certified Dog Trainer #148 (Advisory Board Member)

AABP Certified Dog Trainer

Graduate, Companion Animal Sciences Institute Diploma of Canine Behavior Science and Technology

CCPDT Certified Professional Dog Trainer

APDT Professional Premium Member

Dog Scouts of America Evaluator

Victoria Stilwell Licensed Trainer

ATTS Tester

AKC CGC Evaluator

Therapy Dogs International Evaluator

Business Name: Earth Voices, LLC

Address: 2512 Sue Drive, Howell, MI

Phone: 517-548-1807



Author: The Evolution of Charlie Darwin: Partner with Your Dog Using Positive Training

Differentiating Great Lakes Native Wild Wolves from Dogs and Wolf-Dog Hybrids

Geographical area serving: Livingston, Oakland, Genesee, Washtenaw Counties, Michigan, USA

Services: Positive Reinforcement/clicker training; In-home private training, CGC & Therapy Dog preparation, family dog training, family dog problem-solving, tricks, pre-agility, DSA badge preparation

Brown, Garrit

AABP General Member #647 (exp. CASI Student Membership) Pending

Scheu, Dawn D.

AABP General Member #664 (exp. November 28, 2019)

Patrona, Lisa Dip.CBST, CPDT-KA, ACDBC, CDT 

AABP Certified Member #010 (exp. n/a) 

AABP Certified Dog Trainer

Graduate, Companion Animal Sciences Institute Diploma of Canine Behavior Science and Technology

CCPDT Certified Pet Dog Trainer (since September, 2002)

APDT Full Member #6208

IAABC Associate Member

President, Trainers Academy, LLC

Business Name: Trainers Academy, LLC Dog Training and DayCare

Address: 575 Elmwood Troy, MI 48085

Phone: 248.588.3222



Geographical area serving: Oakland County, and parts of Macomb County, Michigan, USA

Services: Positive Reinforcement/clicker training classes offered in our Troy location for puppy, intermediate, and advanced levels. and a retired racing Greyhounds Only group class.  In-home private consultations are available ranging from help with basic training, to more complex issues such as aggression and separation issues. DayCare is also available.

Poisson, Kimberly

AABP General Member #715 (exp. February 4, 2020) Pending



Autry, Brennan

AABP General Member #576 (exp. n/a)


Bopp, Mark

AABP Certified Member #660 (exp. CASI Membership)

AABP Certified Dog Behavior Technologist

Business Name: 



Web Site: 


Geographical area serving: 


Devine, Laura CDT

AABP Certified Member #085 (exp. December 22, 2019)

AABP Certified Dog Trainer

American Kennel Club Evaluator #27213 exp. 11/08

Business Name: The Dogs' Spot - Dog Training Center

Address: PO Box 28263, 7620 N. Oak Trafficway, Gladstone, MO  64118

Phone:  816-436-SPOT (7768)

Web Site:


Geographical area serving: Greater Kansas City. USA

Services:  Laura is the owner and director of training at The Dogs' Spot - Dog Training Center located in Gladstone, Missouri. The Dogs' Spot specializes in effective and innovative, reward-based educational and recreational programs that are fun for people and dogs alike! Private instruction and small group classes are offered in puppy socialization, kitten socialization, family manners, dog agility, canine freestyle, therapy dog preparation, rally, tracking, Canine Good Citizen training and testing, and preparing your pets for the arrival of your new baby. Behavior modification consultations at our facility or in your home.



Sapp, Lisa S.

AABP General Member #644 (exp. n/a) Pending


Clyde, Christi

AABP General Member #703 (exp. September 30, 2019)

Wangsness, Pamela "PJ" CDT, CPDT-KA

AABP Certified Member #102 (exp. Oct 1, 2019)

AABP Certified Dog Trainer

CCPDT Certified Pet Dog Trainer - Knowledge Assessment

American Brittany Rescue Volunteer

Chihuahua Rescue Transport Volunteer

Business Name:  Dog Training by PJ

Address: 5303 Louie Lane #19, Reno, Nevada 89511

Phone:  775.828.0748



Geographical area serving: Reno, Carson City, Fernley, Incline Village, Minden, Gardnerville and Truckee Meadows surrounding areas. Nevada. USA

Services:  Group training classes offered for puppy, intermediate and advanced levels. Additional classes offered include, toy breed class, tricks, dance, rally, growl class, preparation for confirmation and obedience for competition and introduction to tracking and canine good citizen preparation classes. Our group classes are held at our training center, 1.5 miles from Meadowwood Mall in Reno. In-home private consultations are available ranging from help with basic training, to other behaviors including aggression, barking, digging, attention seeking behaviors, house training, chewing or other destructive behaviors, introductions to children or new babies, mouthing, nipping, fears or phobias, resource guarding or territorial behaviors, separation problems and more. PJ Wangsness provides assistance and training to many of the local shelters, including Northern Nevada SPCA, Nevada Humane Society and High Sierra Rescue Group. PJ helps these groups evaluate and assess the of behavior of dogs, develops a plan for training or rehabilitation so the dogs placed for adoption have some skills to better decrease the number of shelter returns. PJ is available twice a week at local nutritional pet food stores for free assistance and help. At Dog Training by PJ only animal-human friendly methods are utilized to help develop and enhance the relationship between humans and their animals. Dog Training by PJ is highly recognized and referred to by many local veterinarians.

New Hampshire

Betournay, Karen, CDT, CPDT-KA

AABP Certified Member #319 (exp. August 9, 2019)

AABP Certified Dog Trainer

Certified Professional Dog Trainer - Knowledge Assessment

Business Name: Animal Manners, Inc.

Address: 333 Winnicut Rd. Greenland, NH 03840

Phone: 603-431-4738

Web Sites:

Geographical area serving: New Hampshire Seacoast and surrounding towns, Southern Maine

Services:  In-Home Training & Behavior Counseling. Positive Reinforcement Methods, Marker/Clicker Training, Behavior Modification, Aggression Problem Solving, Temperament Testing. Pet Modeling services.

Weiler, William

AABP General Member #566 (exp. August 13, 2019)

New Mexico

New York

Arzoumanian, Viviane

AABP General Member #498 (exp. January 1, 2020)

Chiu, Vincent

AABP General Member #335 (exp. November 8, 2019)

Drach-Neff, Kim

AABP General Member #723 (exp. CASI Student)

Fecio, Joseph

AABP General Member #509 (exp. June 27, 2019)

Henderson, James

AABP General Member #695 (exp. CASI Student)

Morrison, Michele

AABP General Member #690 (exp. n/a)

Nichols, Diana

AABP General Member #671 (exp. n/a)

Parks, Stacy, Dip.CBST

AABP General Member #680 (exp. February 3, 2020)

New Jersey

North Carolina

Mancus, Jimmy

AABP General Member #718 (exp. Casi Membership)

Stone, Molly CDT, CDBT, Dip.A.B.

AABP Certified Member #056 (exp. Advisory Board Member)

AABP Certified Dog Trainer

AABP Certified Dog Behavior Technologist

Vice President, Companion Animal Sciences Institute

Animal Behavior Specialist, SPCA of Wake County

Business Name: 

Address: 301 N. Brevard Street Selma, NC

Phone: 919-523-4022

Web Sites:


Geographical Area Serving: Johnston and Wake counties, North Carolina, USA

Services: Private obedience training and behavior modification programs for companion animals; clicker training; AKC-CGC test administration.


Byerly, Chad

AABP General Member #486 (exp. January 30, 2020) Pending*

Ferguson, Sheila H., Dip.ABT, CDT, CBCC-KA, CPDT-KA

AABP Certified Member #264 (exp. n/a)

AABP Certified Dog Trainer

Business Name: Canine Obedience Instruction and Behavior Consulting

Address: P.O. Box 14079 Columbus, Ohio 43214 USA

Phone: 614-267-7254

Web Site:


Geographical Area Serving: Columbus and surrounding areas

Services: Personalized, Professional In Home Instruction which includes: Acclimating your new pet to your home environment; Prevention and Control of Unwanted Behaviors; Puppy Training:  7wks to 16wks.; Formal Obedience Training Basic Commands; Clicker Teacher; Behavior Modification using Applied Behavior Analysis; AKC Canine Good Citizen Training/Evaluation

Miller, Jane CDBT, CDT, CDBC

AABP Certified Member #285 (exp. n/a)

AABP Certified Dog Trainer

AABP Certified Dog Behavior Technologist

IAABC Certified Dog Behavior Consultant

Business Name: Healing Companions, Inc.

Address: 71 Glenhurst Drive Oberlin, OHIO 44074

Phone: 800-457-0345



Geographical Area Serving:  Northeast Ohio, Cleveland Ohio and  outlying suburbs

Services: Jane Miller has been in private practice for 20 years as a clinical social worker with her dogs being present as therapy dogs during psychotherapy sessions. One of her areas of expertise is assessing folks for Psychiatric Service Dogs (PSDs) and assisting clients in the whole process of discovering whether or not they qualify for a PSD and would they be able to be responsible for a PSD, as well as the dog being trained specific tasks that mitigate the effects of their psychiatric disability. Jane spends extensive amounts of time educating her clients, as well as others about PSD's. She provides advice, information and support about the process of adopting and training a PSD. Jane implement temperament testing of potential PSDs and trains them from foundational training, public access and task training. She also teaches humans and their dogs relaxation/stress reduction techniques to incorporate in their training increasing the human-animal bond. These techniques also are practiced with clients that are dealing with behavior issues like aggression, anxiety, and so many of the complex behavior issues that she works with that dog’s experience. Her training is based on the highest ethical standards teaching positive only training techniques to increase the human-animal bond. Author of, “Healing Companions: Ordinary Dogs and Their Extraordinary Power To Transform Lives.

Sellers, Toni

AABP General Member #659 (exp. September 28, 2019)

Stimpson, Melinda

AABP General Member #708 (exp. December 1, 2019) Pending


Nagelschneider, Mieshelle

AABP General Member #12 (exp. May 31, 2019) Pending


Crough, Dede

AABP General Member #039 (exp. AABP Committee Member)

Dillon, Susan Dip.ACBS

AABP General Member #003 (exp. CASI Board Member)

Lander, Deborah

AABP General Member #603 (exp. October 7, 2019)

Siegrist, Carol, CABT, CDBC, CBCC-KA

AABP Certified Member #269 (exp. December 1, 2019)

AABP Certified Animal Behavior Technologist

IAABC Certified Dog Behavior Consultant

CCPDT Certified Behavior Consultant Canine - Knowledge Assessment

Business Name: Siegrist LLC Training & Behavior Modification

Address: 765 East Passyunk Avenue, Philadellphia, PA 19147

Phone: 215-514-0090



Geographical Area Serving: Philadelphia and tri-county area, plus Southern New Jersey

Services: Specializing in breed-specific counseling and training, problem solving and behavior modification for aggression, separation distress, resource guarding, phobias and problems with multiple pet  households.

Stevenson, Lawrence: CDBT, CDBC, CPDT-KA, ABCDT

AABP Certified Member #294 (exp. n/a)

AABP Certified Dog Behavior Technologist

International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants - Certified Dog Behavior Consultant

Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers #2091927 - Certified Professional Dog Trainer - Knowledge Assessed

Association of Professional Dog Trainers - APDT Premium Professional Member

Truly Dog-Friendly Trainer

Animal Behavior College - Honors Alumni 

Alliance for Progressive Pet Trainers - APDT Trainer Networking Group

The Pet Professional Guild - Full Member Dog Training Professional

Animal Behavior Resources Institute - Behavior Education Network - Professional Member

FamilyPaws - Licensed Educator 2010-19

Pennsylvania SPCA Partner & Supporter

Business Name:  Gentle Approach Dog Training LLC

Address:   4432 Dexter St., Philadelphia, PA 19128

Phone: 215-482-4633


Web Site:

Geographical Area Serving: Philadelphia, PA and surrounding counties

Services:  Successful, 12 year experience, with a wide variety of behavior modification and dog training of all breeds with strong emphasis on encouraging improved dog owner and family relationships encouraging gentle demeanor and attitudes, dedicated to benevolent, non-coercive, force free methods. Larry is r ecommended by numerous veterinarians and other trainers. 

Rhode Island

South Carolina

Nichols, Diana

AABP General Member #613 (exp. n/a)

South Dakota

Larson, Jill

AABP General Member #640 (exp. CASI Student Membership)


Easton, Ann Marie

AABP General Member #253 (exp. November 8, 2019)


Kohanski, Nicole

AABP General Member #719 (exp. CASI Student Membership)

Lara, Raquel

AABP General Member #726 (exp. CASI Student Membership)

Snider, Kellie, M.S.

AABP General Member #561 (exp. Editor, Journal)


Friedman, Susan G. Ph.D., CABT

AABP Certified Member #005 (AABP Advisory Board Member)

AABP Certified Animal Behavior Technologist

Business Name: Behaviorworks

Address: P.O. Box 331

Phone: Millville, Utah 84326

Web Site: and


Geographical Area Serving: International

Services: behavior and learning workshops, cross-species


Eggeman, Brandy

AABP Certified Member #688 (exp. n/a)

Somers, Amile, Dip.FBST

AABP Certified Member #551 (exp. November 2, 2019)

Washington D.C.

Denby-Gibbs, Paula CDT

AABP Certified Membership #088 (exp. June 30, 2019)

AABP Certified Dog Trainer

Business Name: DoLittle Training

Address: 1605 35th St NW, Washington, DC 20007, USA


Web Site:


Geographical Area Serving: 

Services: Private tuition and behaviour consultations. Individual training coach (dog sports, competition obedience and services). Clicker training for any species.

Washington State

Byrnes, Carol

AABP General Member #402 (exp. October 23, 2019)

Kain, Nicky

AABP General Member #656 (exp. July 21, 2019) Pending

Robert-Hamilton, Daphne CDT, CPDT-KA, CAP2

AABP Certified Member #104 (exp. November 3, 2019)

AABP Certified Dog Trainer

CCPDT Certified Professional Dog Trainer - Knowledge Assessment CCPDT #1040696

APDT member 06339

SF/SPCA Academy for Dog Trainers CTC 12/02

SF/SPCA Dog Aggression Internship 05/03

Business Name: K-9 Partnership

Address: 16410 84th St Ne, Ste D #553, Lake Stevens, WA  98258 USA

Phone: 360-386-5668



Geographical Area: See address. USA

Services: Private lessons.

Yates, Cheri, Ph.D. (Psychology), CDT

AABP Certified Member #296 (exp. n/a)

AABP Certified Dog Trainer

Certified Professional Dog Trainer - KA #1091803

Karen Pryor Training Academy - Certified Training Partner 

AKC Certified Canine Good Citizenship Evaluator

Web Site:


Phone: 425-452-1151

Services: In home or on location individually created private lessons designed to facilitate canine learning, modify difficult behaviors, and build positive relationships for all dogs and their people. Range of clients from puppy consultation and foundation learning through advanced competition. Additionally, we work with leash reactive dogs, shy dogs, and a wide range of behavioral issues. We adhere to the "No fear, no force" policy in all training. We are committed to science based positive training methods.

West Virginia


Bach, Lisa

AABP Certified Member #635 (exp. n/a) Pending

Dahms, Renea, Dip.CBST, CDBC

AABP Certified Member #529 (exp. December 22, 2019)

AABP Certified Dog Behavior Technologist

Business Name: Pawsitively Unleashed!

Address2109 Madison Street, Stevens Point, WI 54481

Phone: 715-347-3294



Geographical Area Serving: Central Wisconsin

Services: Behavior Consulting, Private Training, Group Classes and Canine Swim Pool & Conditioning

Kalnajs, Sarah CDT, CDBC

AABP Certified Member #006 (exp. CASI Board Member)

AABP Certified Dog Trainer

AABP Certified Dog Behavior Technologist

Business Name: Blue Dog Training

Web Site:


Phone: 608-213-5304


Geographical area serving: Madison, WI. USA

Services: We offer private in home training (puppy through advanced), Puppy ABC's appointments, New Dog Fundamentals, Your Dog and Your New Baby and pet sitting services in your home or ours for clients who want total peace of mind while away from their pet and/or have pets that cannot be kenneled due to behavior issues.  We also provide dog and cat behavior consultations on problems ranging from the nuisance variety (barking, chewing, greeting issues) to aggression towards people or other dogs as well as resource guarding and anxiety or fear issues including separation anxiety. Blue Dog is the producer of the best selling DVD series "Language of Dogs" and "Am I Safe". Sarah Kalnajs gives seminars on dog behavior and training throughout the U.S. and abroad and works on a contract basis with animal shelters and humane societies to train staff in evaluation and behavior assessments of dogs.

Smith, Shawn M. B.S., CABC, CDT, CPDT-KA

AABP Certified Member #216 (exp. November 9, 2019)

AABP Certified Animal Behavior Technologist

AABP Certified Dog Trainer

Business Name: Custom Pet Services, LLC

Address: Whitewater, WI

Phone: (920) 723-3338

Web Site:


Geographical Area Serving: Southeastern WI. USA

Services: Behavior consultations and reward-based training for companion animals including basic skills and manners, nuisance behaviors, fear/anxiety, reactivity, guarding, and aggression.

General Members 

(location  unspecified by member)

Nagelschneider, Mieshelle

AABP General Member #362 (exp. n/a)

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