Journal of Animal Behavior Technology

Previous, the Journal of Applied Companion Animal Behavior, The Journal of Animal Behavior Technology is being reintroduced after a 3-year absence. Next issue tentatively available summer 2015.


The Journal of Animal Behavior Technology (JABT) is an irregularly published (usually twice yearly) minimally peer-reviewed journal of papers of interest to behaviorologists, behavior analysts, professional companion animal behavior technologists. JABT publishes papers of all kinds including review of topics, original research papers, short communications, critical reviews, persuasive essays, theoretical works, technical articles and commentary. 


The mission of the Journal of Animal Behavior Technology is to disseminate papers on basic science and applied technology to the behaviorological and behavior analytic community and thereby contribute to the knowledge- and skill-base in the profession and improve the human-animal social relationship.

Target Audience:

Behaviorologists, behavior analysts, professional companion animal behavior technologists.


James O’Heare, DLBC

Managing Editor


Kellie Snider, M.S.


Patricia Barlow-Irick


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JABT Review Board:

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2012. Vol. 5, No.1

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2010. Vol. 4, No.1

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2009. Vol. 3, No.1

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2008. Vol. 2, No.1

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2007. Vol. 1, No.1
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